What is Gailer School?

26 Aug

Not sure what The Gailer School is?

In short it’s an independent school located in Middlebury, Vermont for grades 7 – 12 where students are taught how to learn rather than just what. It is an interdisciplinary school where the subjects weave together in order to make more sense of them.

Here’s a little info…

Embodied in the Gailer School is a set of beliefs about teens, about
learning, about the needs of learners and the jobs of teachers, and about
what the outcomes of a preparatory school education should be.
Adolescence is a critical time in the voyage from childhood to adulthood.
How a student’s energies and passions are engaged and directed could
easily make the difference between the pursuit of life-long learning or
simply getting by.
When Harry Chaucer founded The Gailer School in 1989, he sat in his
living room with eight students and discussed the origins of the universe,
evolution and human civilization. What a lofty beginning for this
thoughtful and responsive school!
Though we no longer sit in a living room, we continue to listen to the
students’ interests and questions following a collaborative process to
create an inspiring and lively school. It is a school that values the life of
the mind and the power of imagination. We challenge each student daily,
asking the big, essential questions that adolescents ponder…”Who am I?
Who will I be? What do I believe in?”
We believe that examining the interconnectedness of disciplines deepens
our understanding of the world we live in, just as our “patron saint”
Leonardo da Vinci intuitively understood the relationship among different
disciplines and bodies of knowledge.
Step into a Gailer classroom and hear lively debate and deep questioning,
where teachers are genuinely excited about their students’ ideas and
learning is a collaboration.

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“From the school run by my great-aunt Esther Gailer and her sisters at
the turn of the century, I learned that education could be both demanding
and compassionate, that it could engage a wide range of passions and
curiosities. Miss Gailer’s School embodied a deep spirit of inquiry,
intellectual rigor and creativity. These in turn are the founding principles
of the present Gailer School.”—Dr. Harry Yeo Chaucer, Founder and first

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